slave grammar

Lol Chicago slang be dumb as hell
Whole time & don’t nobody be knowing
how to explain what it mean
we all just got a understanding

@_GOMP on Twitter 27 Jul 2014

this not proper,
this people.
this a failing school
meet a magnet program.
trick question,
they kin.
this no question,
this answer—
this be habitual.
this the dirty words
lined up in they baddest fits.
this that this that
bad meaning _____
you know what i mean.
you know what i’m saying
whole time i’m bending the language
like a bow every arrow is spinning itself
a new sharp tip. whole time
i’m writing this down its obsoleting
itself. whole time we talking we ain’t got
no dictionary we guessing the spelling
we deciphering the phrases through
our slurs we slurring like we ain’t sure until
we murmur a sure vow. whole time
we blur the whole thing
we make shambles of their standards
we stand on them
& fashion an abolition
in diction.

with thanks to Sean DesVignes

— Nate Marshall (from Kenyon Review)