If my mother were
alive, she’d want to

know how it was

my husband and I
met, would want to

know what it meant

to hookup on
dating sites, what

exactly an “ass-

hungry power top
with a dick that won’t

quit” looks like, and I

would have to do
my best to tell her

exactly what I was

looking for because
that’s what intimacy

is all about, having

spent a few decades
flat on my back

on a couch in a room

papered over in neutral
colors, testing out

my faith in a talking

cure as I got all
gussied up for my

meet-cute that would

outlast the years
my mother had left

on this earth, the deck

she kept on shuffling
right up to the end

a bit worn-out but

complete were it not
for all the Kings

that went missing—

—Timothy Liu (Green Linden Press)